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Michael Utzerath GmbH propose the products on this website exclusively to trader (retailer, jeweler,...).

Since 1995, Michael Utzerath GmbH is a jewellery and gemstone wholesaler in Augsburg. We propose a wide product range and supply worldwide.

Michael Utzerath GmbH offers an unrivaled selection of gemstones, precious and semi-precious stones-beads, freshwater and south sea pearls; bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings; amber, corals, diamonds, emeralds, meteorites, opals, rubies, sapphires, ect... as calibrated and free forms gemstones, cabochons or faceted stones, and much more.

We provide also decorative objects made of stone, commercial and rare tumbled stones, carvings, Feng Shui products, rough stones and minerals.

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